Company Struct

The Products
tousek products are used and highly appre­ciated all over the world due to their innovative technology and their quality standards. A long useful life and the latest electronics are essential features of our products. Quality for us means more than exactness of measurements and operation. Continuous analysis and controls during reception and issue of goods are core elements of our quality assurance.

The Company
We are an innovative producer who above all is focusing on quality. Short and rapid communication ways between development and distribution bring about permanent and rapid adjustments to the market demands in the Company tousek.
Research development construction of prototypes tests production and quality assurance are located in the company seat itself and there­fore guarantee a continuity of the production level.    

The Employees
are the most valuable capital of each com­pany this is the reason why we are consciously concentrating on long-term belonging and permanent training. The consequence is a high level of knowledge and experience of our employees and our customers can feel it at any time. Team work and a strong sense of collaboration C like in a big family C are not just words but reality experienced day by day.